Other Research

Bulletin (ad-hoc): Published as necessary, these strategy pieces contain in-depth analysis of current market conditions and prevalent themes.  They cover everything from oil prices to corporate earnings, provide historical context to current events in the market and are referenced around the financial world for the views and analysis expressed (sample 1, sample 2, & sample 3).

Chartbook: (MS Excel Required) Design custom charts and screen for multiple securities in the S&P 1500 using fundamental, technical and Birinyi metrics.

Strategy (ad-hoc): The Strategy piece is an in-depth analysis of current market conditions or themes we are seeing at the moment.

Topical Studies (ad-hoc): Book-length research studies of current topics in the market. Some of the more recent subjects include the move to decimals, market cycles, global pension reform, volatility, and the case against indexing.

"Books of" Series (ad-hoc): Data books that provide a complete in-depth and historical view of difference subjects, such as significant stock days, corporate finance, the Federal Reserve Board and market patterns.