Weekly Research

Money Flow Codes: (weekly): An interactive, searchable database of 1500 major stocks for those who want to incorporate Birinyi Money Flow scores into their own research; we provide our non-block, block and total scores for each (sample only shows the Dow 30).  Click  to learn more about our Money Flow analysis.

Technical Overview: (weekly): Interactive database displaying trading ranges and historical parameters for S&P 500 stocks. 

Stock of the Week: (weekly): This release identifies one of the most attractive stocks of the coming days that is selected based on strong Birinyi Money Flows and an oversold condition.

Trading Monitor: (weekly): Released every Friday afternoon after the market's close, the Trading Monitor highlights Birinyi Associates' popular Sector Timing Model with the addition of a Top Quintile Database.  The first page shows the ten S&P 500 sectors with their respective trading ranges and the Top Quintile Database is a compilation of trading parameters for the largest S&P 500 stocks.  A useful tool to review over the weekend, this report emphasizes sectors that are poised for moves and the members that will be moving them.

Weekly Matrix: (weekly): The Birinyi Stock Selection Matrix combines widely-followed technical indicators, fundamental analysis and our proprietary Money Flow analysis into a unique scoring system to highlight the most attractive stocks, groups and sectors in the S&P 500.