Money Management

Birinyi Associates is a stock market research and money management firm. Our analysis and research of the markets compliment our portfolio management efforts.  We are unique:  we do not analyze the economy, have little interest in corporate developments and fundamentals, and have little use for traditional, technical, quantitative or other market indicators.

Our approach is to understand the psychology and history of the market, and most importantly the actions of investors. Much of our effort involves money flows, or what has traditionally been called ticker tape analysis.

We began offering our service in 1993 to provide discretionary investment services to high net worth individuals and institutional clients.  We view money management as a profession.  The entry cost to this profession may be much lower compared to other professions such as law and medicine.  However, it takes no less effort and expertise to achieve excellence.  Our philosophy in money management is to make our clients money, to outperform the competition and S&P 500, while exposing our clients to significantly less market risk.

Investment Orientation
Our primary objective is to seek capital appreciation/capital preservation through the equity markets by applying our analytical expertise to yield superior returns for our clients' portfolios.  In general, we limit our investments to common stocks and generally eschew derivatives, exotic instruments, and strategies that are overly complex.
  • The focal point of the money management process is the seamless integration of our research team, portfolio managers and relationship management staff.
  • Rather than being managed as a fund, our portfolios are managed individually, offering a more direct and personal approach to money management.
  • Accounts are reviewed daily by our portfolio management team with strict buy and sell recommendations.  Oversight of this process is conducted by Mr. Birinyi.
  • We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service in administration and reporting.  With the use of the best technology available, our reporting systems ensure accurate quarterly dissemination of information including market commentary and performance summary.

If you would like additional information on our approach, please contact us.