Newsletter Service

Reminiscences: Published monthly, our newsletter provides Laszlo's market commentary, conservative and aggressive growth portfolios, trading ideas for the month, as well as market indicators and technicals.

Birinyi Stock Ratings: Published every Friday, this interactive database of 1,500 stocks rates the most and least attractive based on a combination of stock research methods.  The Ratings also include access to our "Birinyi 50" list of the top rated stocks.

Mini-Institutional Service

Daily Market Report (daily): Includes a summary of the prior day’s market activity, international markets in Asia and Europe, and pre-market activity in US equities and commodities.  The report summarizes the day’s important news items, significant analyst actions, and the day's earnings reports.  Released at 8:00am every morning, the Daily Market Report is your one stop shop for all of the day's important market drivers.

Bulletin (ad-hoc): Published as necessary, these strategy pieces contain in-depth analysis of current market conditions and prevalent themes.  They cover everything from oil prices to corporate earnings, provide historical context to current events in the market and are referenced around the financial world for the views and analysis expressed (sample 1, sample 2, & sample 3).

Money Flow Codes (weekly): An interactive, searchable database of 1500 major stocks for those who want to incorporate Birinyi Money Flow scores into their own research; we provide our non-block, block and total scores for each (sample only shows the Dow 30).  Click  to learn more about our Money Flow analysis.

S&P Weekly Flows: This report details the net money inflows or outflows of the S&P 500 and the respective sectors and groups.

Stock of the Week (weekly): This release identifies one of the most attractive stocks of the coming days that is selected based on strong Birinyi Money Flows and an oversold condition.

Trading Monitor (weekly): Released every Friday afternoon after the market's close, the Trading Monitor highlights Birinyi Associates' popular Sector Timing Model with the addition of a Top Quintile Database.  The first page shows the ten S&P 500 sectors with their respective trading ranges and the Top Quintile Database is a compilation of trading parameters for the largest S&P 500 stocks.  A useful tool to review over the weekend, this report emphasizes sectors that are poised for moves and the members that will be moving them.

Weekly Calendar The Weekly Calendar is a preview of the following week that includes: major economic releases, and economic releases or key meetings. In addition, it shows the earnings estimates, stock splits and ex-dividends for stocks in the S&P 500, as well as the 20 best performing stocks from the index from one year ago.

Weekly Matrix: The Birinyi Stock Selection Matrix combines widely-followed technical indicators, fundamental analysis and our proprietary Money Flow analysis into a unique scoring system to highlight the most attractive stocks, groups and sectors in the S&P 500.

Overbought/Oversold (ad-hoc): The OB/OS report illustrates where a stock is trading relative to its 50-day moving average and theoretical highs and lows. Stocks that appear on the report are randomly generated from the S&P 500, S&P 400 and Nasdaq 100 in addition to the entire Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Strategy (ad-hoc): The Strategy piece is an in-depth analysis of current market conditions or themes we are seeing at the moment.

Topical Studies (ad-hoc): Book-length research studies of current topics in the market. Some of the more recent subjects include the move to decimals, market cycles, global pension reform, volatility, and the case against indexing.

"Books of" Series (ad-hoc): Data books that provide a complete in-depth and historical view of difference subjects, such as significant stock days, corporate finance, the Federal Reserve Board and market patterns.

Birinyi Newsletter Service: Also included with a Mini-Institutional subscription is the full Newsletter package and access to all of its features (see above).